What is Exposure Therapy?

Exposure therapy is a specialized therapeutic approach designed to help individuals confront and overcome their fears and anxieties associated with food, eating situations, and body image. By gradually exposing clients to the feared stimuli or situations, the therapy aims to reduce anxiety, challenge distorted beliefs, and break the cycle of avoidance behaviors often observed in eating disorders.

In a supportive and structured environment, clients engage in a series of planned and tailored exposure exercises, starting with less anxiety-provoking situations and gradually progressing to more challenging ones. Over time, clients develop effective coping strategies, learn to tolerate distress, and gain confidence in their ability to face their fears, ultimately fostering a healthier relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves.

Our Approach to Exposure Therapy

We understand that each individual’s needs are unique, which is why our Exposure Therapy services are tailored to suit clients across all age groups. Our therapy sessions involve carefully planned and gradual exposure to feared situations or stimuli, allowing clients to develop coping skills, challenge distorted beliefs, and ultimately reduce anxiety and avoidance behaviors.

Our Four-Step Process:

  1. Assessment and Goal Setting: Our therapists work closely with clients and their families to identify specific fears, triggers, and avoidance behaviors related to their eating disorder. Together, we set realistic treatment goals and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  2. Psychoeducation: We provide clients with information about the principles of Exposure Therapy, the role of anxiety in maintaining their eating disorder, and the importance of facing fears in order to promote recovery and resilience.
  3. Gradual Exposure: Our therapists guide clients through a series of planned and structured exposure exercises, starting with less anxiety-provoking situations and gradually progressing to more challenging ones. This process allows clients to confront their fears, build confidence, and develop effective coping strategies.
  4. Review and Consolidation: Our therapists and clients regularly review progress, address any barriers to success, and integrate the skills and experiences gained during therapy into daily life, fostering lasting change and a healthier relationship with food and body image.

How do I begin?

Our team is dually and expertly trained in the Treatment of Eating Disorders and DBT for Mental Health. Our Evidenced-Based approaches include FBT, CBT-E, DBT-ED, and Comprehensive DBT for co-occurring mental health conditions. Our outpatient practice has helped Children, Teens and Adults achieve full Eating Disorder Recovery and Mental Health Stability for over 25 years.


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